"Can I make a melee weapon?"

No. The MODs have no way to check how safe each individual weapon is at this time. May change one day.

"Can I use a melee weapon I bought from this website?"

It will need to be checked by a MOD but most likely yes.

"Can I mod my Nerf brand gun?"

Yes but the gun in question will need to be checked out before a session by a mod to make sure it doesn't hurt or set people on fire.

"Can I mod Nerf bullets?"

No. Never.

"Can I use PVC to make a blow-dart-gun-thing?"

Yes but please don't melee people with it.

"How much HP does my armor give?"

You need to ask a MOD about Chest Armor but most only give one extra HP (something you made out of cardboard and cheaply made). To get two extra HP the chest armor usally is real life armor like a "flak jacket", plate mail, and tire armor.

All limb armor provides invulerbility to what it covers physically (if an unarmored part of an arm get's hit, then the whole arm is gone).

"How much do people spend on their armor?"

That's a hard one to answer. You can easily spend less than $5 throwing together some tacky cardboard armor. But for the people who have pride in what they wear the price range can very greatly. If you have the know-how you could make chest-bicycle-tubing- armor around $35 (assuming you had to buy the fancy glue and paint as well as the material).

Some players even would make you some armor for abit of real life pay and a few tabs  *cough cough* Charles A. Heger (aka Zulu) *cough cough*.

"What are tabs?"

Tabs are the currency in FoM. When you first start the game you start off with 10. IF you die you give half the tabs you have on you to who ever ask for it first.

"How old do I have to be?"

All ages can come but only +13 year olds can be involved combat.

"What happens if I or someone is really hurt?"

Immediately call out for help and say you're actually hurt. All playing will stop immediately. We have some personal who can perform first aid and, depending on the severity, call for an ambulance.

"How many people play this?"

We're constanly growing bigger and bigger every session. Our current average is about 120 people.

"Can I bring my pet?"

Yes. Please make sure you have proper control over your pet at all times.

"When is the next session?"


If it isn't there then the MODs haven't met yet to decide the next date.

"What's the differnence between a guild and a faction?"

Guild is a group of people who work together. A Faction is just a describing word for your character (help define who you are).

"How can I join a faction?"

You can just say that you're that faction and you become it.

"How can I join a guild?"

Ask around and find out who the "guild leader" is. Contact them and they will tell you the requirments (if any) to enter their guild. They may accept you right away OOC or make you join up during a session IC.

"Can anyone host an open session?"

Yes. Please do it.

"Is this actually a thing?"

Yes and it's growing.

"Can I just show up and kill people?"

Yes, you could, but there are multiple reasons not to be so mindless, dull, and boring. For one, FoM most fun comes from the character-to-character interactions (talking, putting out bounties, forming alliances, etc.). We tend to try to make FoM more than just a "themed nerf war".

"Why is Zulu so ugly?"

Owch . . .