Proposed Talent Ideas

Smarter than your Average Ghoul- Ghouls can now use firearms but are limited to starting with 6 darts at beginning of session. Adapted to the Wastelands- Human only need to use a RadX once every other session. Mixologist - at the end of the session they can trade in chems for any other chem (max of two chems trade in per session) Money Can Buy Happiness - At the start of a session you can pay 20 tabs to be allowed to have an extra, temporary feat for this session. You can buy multiple feats (you can not gain the feat LOTTERY this way for obvious reasons) Bounty Hunter - earn one tabs for every confirmed kill you make Advance Bounty Hunter - earn two tabs for every kill and 4 tabs for every stealth kill you admit to. Watch And Learn - you can use techwizards gadgets that aren't your own (don`t need to be a TechWiz to take this feat) Mood swings - rampagers can rampage 1 extra time per session Advanced mood swings - rampagers can rage 2 times extra per session Raging terror - rampager who takes this can only rampage once per session max, but does 3 damage per hit. Enduring rage - rampager's rampage mode timer is increased to 3 minutes Advanced enduring rage- 5 minutes Perception - You can see a scout while they`re incognito