Hobo rifle dude

Bio Edit

Full Name: Aeternum Regulus Krovicanus Divinatum Encarnum Titianicus Hivastium Excalibus Renovatio Monstros Imperitor Dostravos Orion Romulus IV

Preferred Name: Ark De Thermidor.

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Faction: Solo/Too Awesome For Factions

Unique Gear: Burst Rifle, Hard Light Shield, Various Techno-Whatsits

Origins Edit

Hailing from the far Eastern seaboard, Ark grew up in and around the Boston area. In particular, Ark spent most of his time exploring the ruins of the Boston Museum of Science and any other technologically inclined ruins he could come across. As a result of this, from a young age, Ark had become fascinated with technology and its applications in the world around him. Most importantly, how it could be used to destructive means.

Always seeking to advance his understanding of technology and the art of warfare itself, Ark has taken to traveling the wasteland and documenting every instance of technology and unique arts of warfare. As a result of his fixation on all things technology and arts of warfare, Ark has almost completely forgone the use of melee weaponry. Preferring to lead from the back rather than brawl in the thick of combat.

Ark's arrival in Greyfell was never an intentional affair. With his personal airship shot down, Ark was forced to take refuge in the nearest pocket of civilization, at least until he could find a means to fix his airship or acquire a new one.

Personality and Technological Prowess Edit

To say Ark is egotistical would be understating things. To say he has a god complex would be more accurate to the truth of the matter. Never one to shy away from a battle of technical wits, Ark views most everyone he meets as knuckle dragging simpletons. This isn't to say he won't converse with and work alongside them. It simply means that Ark tends to distrust any technological advice given to him by anyone but his own warped psyche.

Technologically speaking, Ark's inventions can be summoned up in two words: Roulette Wheel. Where most Technologically inclined wastelanders seek to find a happy middle ground between performance and reliability, Ark prefers to get as much performance out of his tech as humanly possible. The safeguards Ark puts into place on his tech only barely ensure that the gear won't explode after one use, and the erratic nature of his unknown experimental power source results in extreme levels of unpredictability that most wastelanders tend to shy away from. At any point, Ark's tech can operate as normal, jam, misfire, backfire, catch fire, start fires, fall apart, disintegrate, reintegrate, go nuclear, open rifts in space and time, or all of the above. Ark, in his megalomania, sees no problem with this, merely referring to the mishaps as 'Bonus unpredictability that you never knew you needed'. As such, Ark's cliental base is rather small, but equally as eccentric. For those who want firepower above and beyond what the average Tech Wiz can dream up, and aren't scared of a few 'malfunctions', Ark's supply of hyper destructively erratic wargear is the perfect choice.

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