billy goat has the last Bob yes hes family name is Bob and if you make fun of the name your going to have a bullet in your skull. Okay back to the back story as the last Bob after the ghouls ate all of there food and Billy goat had to eat cans and trash for food giving him the name billygoat. and hes family all died of a bullet to the head. Don't know why they tried to eat a gun but they all dead so Billygoat walked around the world and became a medic why I don't know maybe he like a red arm band or maybe he just likes helping people But all I know is that billygoat is a kind soul and will help a friend in need p.s this was made by Billygoat p.s Iove my booze p.s love you nuked.

LIKES: Boozes friends and nuked


RACE: Human I think?

CLASS: medic