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(From "Fall of Man Rules 2.0")

A Blood Symbiote is a Ghoul with the unique ability to transfer energy through blood. A Blood Symbiote’s body carries a strange pathogen that allows the Blood Symbiote to either give or receive vital energy.

Due to this pathogen, Blood Symbiotes are often oddly disfigured, to a point that no armor will fit (Blood Symbiotes can't wear any armor).

A Blood Symbiote has 3 HP and is able to instantly transfer any amount of that HP to another player simply by touching their shoulder and declaring how much HP they are giving. The Blood Symbiote will then immediately lose said amount of HP and the designated player will receive it as long as it doesn’t exceed their maximum HP.

A Blood Symbiote may also restore a player’s limb by transferring 1 HP per limb (example: Blood Symbiote loses 2 hp to restore an arm and a leg to another player).

Alternatively, a Blood Symbiote can absorb HP from a consenting player up to their maximum HP.

A Blood Symbiote’s pathogen gives it a unique ability to regenerate HP. A Blood Symbiote can regenerate 1 HP or 1 limb every 30 seconds of rest (A Blood Symbiote cannot regenerate HP while in engaged in a fight, or KO'd).

All Blood Symbiotes must wear a pink armband.

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