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Ghouls are one of the three races in Fall of Man for the player to choose. The rule book describes them as such:


The infected were a byproduct of biological warfare of the Fall of Man. Those who survived have slowly regained traits of their humanity. They are still extremely unintelligent but no longer go out of their way to attack and turn Humans as they did in the first days post-war. They are stronger and faster than other races but cannot operate firearms and other complex tools.

Ghouls generally do not trust other races and will not let others join their ranks without being turned first. Most hate other races and are perfectly content with eating Humans or Mutants they stumble upon. Very few of their victims receive the mercy of being infected.   

Although a Ghoul is physically perfectly intact, their skin still looks rotten at most and sickly at best. A Ghoul’s most dangerous trait is their ability to take an incredible amount of damage before going down.

Costuming requirements: Green Armband, Makeup, and/or Prosthetics  

Intelligence: Low

Weapon Restrictions: No Firearms

Classes Available: Blood Symbiote, Rampager, Scout

Perks: + Natural Armor- Ghouls have two (2) base HP instead of one (1).

+ Can turn other races into Ghouls through infection (with OOC consent of the target only) + Undying- Ghouls may re-enter combat without returning to a respawn point when their KO timer runs out.


- Inability to retain most information, making them severely unintellegent.

- Inability to use firearms - Social outcasts except in their own communities.

Ghoul Biology:

The original outbreak of the KJV-J1144 virus in the End War released a horde of mindless monstrosities with regenerative abilities that did nothing, but kill and feed. The virus spread as the the infected exposed others. Soon the outbreak had claimed just as many lives as the atomic weapons. But as the generations passed even the virus could not withstand the mutagenic properties of the radiation and slowly regained traits of their lost humanity. They are still extremely unintelligent but no longer go out of their way to attack and turn Humans as they did in the first days post-war. They are stronger and faster than other races, but lack any racial culture the other sapien species have created. Ghouls emerged with two distinct genomes of the same virus.

Exposure to the virus damages the Broca's Area of the brain making complex speech difficult. Many ghouls speak in telegraphic like speech made up of content vocabulary; or just grunts and gestures. Many mistake this inability to communicate as a lack of intelligence but Ghouls can still be intelligent just lacking in many of the ability to express that intelligence. The damage to the Broca's Area of the brain effects a Ghouls ability to understand any form of written language or symbols. As such Ghouls are unable to operate firearms and other complex tools.

The majority of those infected are just referred to as Ghouls and even though there are certain traits they share with their Blood Symbiote bothers they differ as much as they are alike. The virus infects the host and alters the B-Cells and alters them to produce more of the virus rather than antibodies. The reproduced virus acting as the new immune system systematically alters the physiology of its host. From time of infection to full conversion varies from person to person with an average incubation of six hours, but can take as long as 42 hours. Even if the infected are not showing symptoms of the virus, they can still transmit the virus to another host.

Ghouls are still living but necrosis of the flesh and outer extremities is not uncommon. Ghouls still breathe and have a heart beat, but these functions are greatly reduced. Due to their appearance and reduced respiratory functions many people have mistaken ghouls as a walking dead, but the virus needs a living host to survive.

Ghouls are stronger and enjoy encrease stamina and regeneration, but they are susceptible to the same causes of death as humans and mutants. Their increase strength does come with a disadvantage. Fine motor control and a decreased intelligence are common as a result of damage to the frontal lobe caused by the virus.

Ghouls are able to reproduce through normal biological means, but the most pregnancies do end in the virus terminating the fetus as a foreign infection.  The children born as ghouls age to maturity and show a decreased necrosis of tissue. Natural born have a much more human appearance and control. Natural born ghouls are increasingly rare and with their increase ease of blending into to human and mutant societies their true numbers are almost impossible to know.

An uninfected male who has sex with a female has a 99% chance of contracting the virus. Even with the use of prophylactics the virus can be transmitted due to small size of the virus allowing it to pass through the microscopic holes in the latex. An uninfected female has a virtually 100% chance of becoming infected due to sharing blood with the ghoul fetus. A female who becomes infected through impregnation do have a greater chance of carrying the fetus to term.

The virus is transmissible through saliva, blood, and other bodily fluids. Exposure to infected bodily fluids does not guarantee the transmission of the virus. Little research has been conducted into the exact exposure requirements for infection due to the moral implications of infecting healthy subjects.

There is no cure for the virus and as the virus takes over the immune system of the host a cure might never be possible. This virus has evolved past the lab created KJV-J1144 strand and currently stands as the most adaptable organism on the planet.

The second strand of the mutated  KJV-J1144 virus are known as Blood Symbiotes. Similar in ability to the primary stand but with many unique variations.  The host of the Blood Symbiot strand are not themselves infected with the virus but are host to a pathogenising fungus that was exposed to the virus.

A mutated cordycep virus was infected with the KJV-J1144 virus or possibly the mutated ghouls virus. The mammal infecting cordycep fungus first emerged after the End War. Itself mutated by the same radiation that spawned mutation in humans, but in a perfect symbiosis the cordycep fungus was infected by the KJV-J1144 virus to produce a Blood Symbiote. The fungus would no longer need to kill its host to continue its lifecycle. The virus infected fungus would because to regenerate its host and keep it spreading the infection.

Once a host in infected the Blood Symbiote fungus releases spores throughout the host. The fungus replaces the marrow and blood of its host. The fungus does exert some control over the host, but overtime a symbiotic relationship occurs and the two wills combine. All Blood Symbiote fungi are a genetic reproduction of each other. The Blood Symbiote fungus replicates itself and shares a genetic memory. All hosts feel a connection and some speak of whispers that have lead them to find others of their kind. A Blood Symbiote cult emerged around these whispers and many Blood Symbiote find themselves searching for their mother, the very first Blood Symbiote.

In the fungus’ natural state is resembles a crimson gelatinous globule with similar consistency of a jellyfish. The fungus cannot survive for long outside its host and if separated will die, but can still release spores that can infect others. So long as the host lives and fungus will continue to reproduce and as a result the host body becomes disfigured and expanded. Some Blood Symbiotes barely resemble the human or mutant they were before exposure.

So hosts enjoys the same increase strength and stamina as all ghouls but with a vastly greater regenerative ability. Blood Symbiote fungus is able to regenerate from almost any wound and capable of regenerating limb. The fungus can also transfer its regenerative ability into that of another person by temporarily transferring some of the fungus into another. This is often mistaken as a transfer of blood, but the fungus moves into and retreats after mending the wounds. The fungus can leave spores that will grow and devour the new host transforming it into a Blood Symbiote, but more often it does not. The fungus rarely infects randomly. Rather it seems to have a will and chooses its host.

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