Description of Class Edit

(From "Fall of Man Rules 2.0")

The Rampager is a Ghoul that has immense strength. This strength allows The Rampager to complete difficult tasks such as breaking shields. The Rampager can break through a shield with 2 melee hits (the shield must be dropped, but the shield arm stays intact).

The Rampager can also break through limb armor with 1 melee hit (the limb armor becomes "broken" and the limb is treated as if it were not armored).

The Rampager is practiced in a very specific fighting style of "blind rage". Because of this fighting style, The Rampager can only carry 1 weapon at all times.

The Rampager is able to enter “Rampage” twice per session by yelling out “Rampage!”. When in “Rampage Mode” a Rampager does 2 points of damage with each of their melee hits. “Rampage” lasts for 1 minute or until KO’d, whichever happens first.

The Rampager cannot use shields.

All Rampagers must wear a black armband.

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