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(From the "Fall of Man Rules 2.0")

The Scout is a Human or Mutant that has mastered the art of stealth and secrecy. The Scout is highly nimble and agile and because of this The Scout is only able to wear 1 point armor and limb armor.

The Scout can also only carry 2 weapons, since more than 2 tend to make too much noise.

Because The Scout has spent so long in shadows they have the ability to "Go Incognito" up to 3 times a session for up to 5 minutes each time. When The Scout "Goes Incognito" they must cross their arms across their chest in the shape of an "X" to signify that they are "Incognito". While "Incognito" The Scout is still visible, but is not noticed by the people around them. If anyone is specifically looking for The Scout (because they just killed someone or stole something etc.) they can still see The Scout. To everyone else though, The Scout is as invisible as a nerdy kid at a school dance. The Scout is no longer "Incognito" when - (a.) The Scout's 5 minutes are up (b.) The Scout makes any sort of verbal noise or (c.) The Scout uncrosses their arms for any reason such as to perform a stealth kill, or to grab loot - whichever happens first (If you are falling and need to catch yourself, please uncross your arms and catch yourself).

The Scout also has the ability to make ranged stealth attacks with a blaster by declaring “stealth” upon firing the blaster, at a volume loud enough for the target of the stealth kill to clearly hear it.

Lastly, The Scout has a silver tongue which can be used to "Persuade" another player 1 time each session. When The Scout "Persuades" a player, they must walk up to that player and announce that they are using their "Persuade" ability. Once they have declared this, The Scout can ask the player any one question, and the player being "Persuaded" must stay and answer the question truthfully. Once the question has been answered, the player that was "Persuaded" can resume play as usual and do everything from running away, to attacking The Scout for tricking them into giving away information.

All Scouts must wear a blue armband.

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