Chelm Systems was founded by Elijah Chelm after he left Lutece Science Innovations in 2016. While many called Lutece Science Innovations the parent company of Chelm Systems that could not have been further from the truth. Lutece Science Innovations sued Chelm over patents he earned while still working for them, but Chelm Systems connections with the US Government made the lawsuits impossible to win.

Headquartered near Missoula, Montana with an underground plant underneath Mount Sentinel. The plant was built underground to reduce electromagnetic interference that caused system failures in later models during the manufacturing process. Chelm Systems worked closely University of Montana through grants to promote sciences and recruit the best the school had to offer.
Chelm Systems was the first company solely devoted to the creation and advancement of robotics. The C-10’s were the final crowning achievement. The C-10 was the highest advanced weapon ever made and sold. The robot mimicked human appearance and  behavior to a degree unheard of before. But this machine was made for one reason: combat. The C-10 and the civilian police version the C-10a were designed to be able to function in cooperation with human counterparts. Their human appearance made it harder for enemies to single out the synthetic soldiers. The US Military used the C-10s all the way to the last days of the End War.

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