Simply two list of Characters either "dead" or "missing"

Template: IC Name (OOC Name). One Sentence Summery of Character. Death Date (or last date seen). Cause of Death (or last they were seen if missing).


  • Ghost (Allen Perriman) A mutant who saved one man and made friends with many more. Died December 31st (2015) Was killed by a humerus bone, through the chest.
  • Jester (Chris Peabody). Unstable gilled mutant "Carnie" who enjoyed "games" with strangers. Summer of 2326 (2016). Filled with holes via speeding metal.
  • Phillip (Chris Parris). A misunderstood "Carnie" who wore a baseball helmet and had some kind of parent issues. Summer of 2326 (2016). Probably filled with many tiny holes.
  • Remmy, Fore, Agent 49 (Allen Perriman). He fought hard for what he believed in and did everything he could to better himself. Oct. 9 2326 (2016) Death by suicide.


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