Devin Durbin is a player character. Founding member of the player guild "The Kasri Clan", he is also the lore master of the Kasri Clan. Devin plays Alec Bertrand and Desyc.

Devin Mitchell Durbin (Archofthefallen) Edit

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Devin is from central Illinois. He started LARPing one summer in Middle Earth a realm of the LARP system Dagorhir. Upon moving to St. Charles to go to school he took time away from it. He started playing HvZ in the Fall of 2014. There he started making friends with many people in the Nerf community of St. Louis.

In the spring 2015 game of HvZ Chris Albertson and Devin met, and the seed was planted to some day take part in fall of man.

As graduation approached, Devin began plotting characters for his inevitable arrival in Fall of Man.

He is also filming a short documentary for Fall of Man.

You can contact Devin via

as well as finding him on twitter @Devinmdurbin

Instagram @DevinitelyDev

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