Description Edit

The Dire Pigeon is a waist high, four winged omnivore that is highly respected among humans, mutants, and ghouls alike. They're a very sturdy bird that can fly even in Gale force winds. They have even been recorded flying straight while passing through low level hurricanes. They show an intellect matching that of a 14 year old human male (and an attitude to match).

Like most birds, the Dire Pigeon has the natural ability to always know where North is (making them natural navigators). They also have the knack of sleeping while flying. They're able to shut off half their brain while the other concentrates on keeping itself flying and on track. These characteristics, along with many others, made it ideal to turn these animals into the ultimate mail carriers.

Behavior Edit

Dire Pigeons are famously known for their stubborn attitude and demand to be treated highly. A Dire Pigeon never forgets one that crosses it and will seek revenge at any cost.

Accounts of Revenge Edit

A flocks of Dire Pigeons sprinkled salts over farm land every day until all of its crops had died out. This continued until the farmer had died, tab-less and alone. It is unknown what the farmer did.

One night, a single Dire Pigeon lured multiple Blackwing Panthers 60 miles away from their normal hunting grounds into a village allegedly know for cooking a soup made of Dire Pigeons. The village had no population by the time the sun rose the following day.

Countless houses of wanna-be trainers were set ablaze for disrespecting their Dire Pigeon.

History Edit

The Domestication of this species has been an interesting and frustrating one. Many have tried by brute force to condition these birds into obedience. This was met with no success every time and often lead to the trainers being pecked to death by "their" flocks. It was a mutant named Sullivan "Egg-Head" Bers that finally got the idea to pay his flock with tabs to deliver mail for him. The birds saw being payed as being equal and gladly would deliver mail across all of Kasm for the right pay. "Egg-Head" managed to set up the first Post Service and is now a thriving business man with a net worth of hundreds of thousands of tabs.