Febris BioSolutions Creators of Serum

Febris is a pre-war company specializing in medical and genetic research. Though most of the funding for the company came from the work in bioweapons. The KJV-J1144 were used in the final days of the End War and the end result was the creation of the Ghoul assurgence.

Founded in 1901 by James Francis King. The company started as a chemical company whose first products were artificial sweetener, caffeine, and vanillin. by 1944 the company was producing DDT, an insecticide made to fight against malaria-transmitting mosquitoes. In the mid-1960’s the geneticists at Febris create the Febris Process for gene mapping that is still in use today. In the 1980s Febris was granted a patent on its first of many viral pesticides. Later in the decade they developed bioweapons, which were specially designed  viruses which destroyed crops. In the late 1990s Febris began began work on developing KJV-J1144 with the purpose of infecting mosquitoes to attack and kill uninfected mosquitoes. Early tests were promising except the KJV-J1144 virus was spread human’s who were bitten by the mosquitoes. The effects on humans lead to further development of KJV-J1144, but instead of as a pesticide it would be used and sold as a bioweapon.

In the End War it is not known if the release the Russians had the KJV-J1144 that was released on American soil or if it was some sort of industrial accident caused after the initial bombing. What is known is that the so-called Zombie Apocalypse that followed was responsible for as many deaths at the nukes.  
Febris BioSolutions had constructed it’s Ceres Vault under what is now known as Arch City. The Vault contained the family of many of the company’s scientist, employees, and families. The Vault itself was powered by a hydroelectric plant powered by the Mississippi River. While locked in the vault Febris scientists continued to research and prepare for the world left. They developed Serum, a controlled version of the KJV-J1144 virus, that provided the cellular regeneration for a short time without the long term effects of the virus. Though initial testing result in some full viral takeover of the patient.

Once the vault doors opened. Febris quickly established itself in Arch City and allied itself with the newly formed Legion. Supplying Legion with the new Serum, Legion’s troops were now better prepared to face the dangers of the new world.

In 2311 a batch of Serum was exposed to high levels of radiation near Fort Franklin. This resulted in 42 of Fort Franklin’s soldiers to become infected and devolve into a ghoul like state. The Legion covered up the incident and Febris took measures into to protect the packaging from radiation in all further shipments.

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