Basic Edit

Name: Athair, Grim,Hunter

Age: 23

Weapons: Unknown

Armor: unknown

Guild: The Brotherhood

Feat: Enduring,Sleight of Hand

Class: none

Lives: 4

Backstory Edit

Grim was born in the Crept a cavern where one of the bombs fell. needing to learn how to find food, ammo, guns, weapons, and how to use all of them He spent 10 years of his life He finally left to find a home. after 2 years of walking the earth He found IT they took him in and trained him for 6 years after that He became a R.A.D member(Not the new rad this rad helps mutants and ghouls and find ways to help them) He spent 3 years working with them and found out a lot about mutants and ghouls and how they work(Becoming a mutant later because of his research with mutants) after this he moved to greyfell and started a new life forgetting the old and becoming a new man.

Misc. Information Edit

Friends: Bloody Mary (aka Mary,) Divvy, wyvern

Enemies: Anyone against The Brotherhood

Play Style: Bounty Hunter

Likes: Tabs and Friends

Dislikes: Money Hogs and Jester

Fear: Ghouls

Weakness: It is hard for grim to lie.

Mutant type: Unknown