HoweCorp Creaters of Rad-Vac, Rocket, and Pierce
Founded by Dr Edward Howe sometime after 2275 and his creation of Rad-Vac. Howe created Rad-Vac while still in his vault and shared the formula via the Vault Radio Network. Shortly after he was able to use Rad-Vac and safely leave his vault the company was formed. Called by many the savior of the human race, HoweCorp continued to develop chemical formulas designed to meet the needs of humans in the new world. Howe with the assistance of his company scientist developed Peirce, a chemical that stimulates the brain with the use of cytidine and Rocket, a potent thyroid enhancing drug that temporarily increases strength and stamina.

HoweCorp is headquartered in Detroit and works closely with the Legion to manufacture and distribute its products. Dr Howe is an old man and has little to do with the actual manufacturing of his products. The production and distribution of all HoweCorp Chems is run by the Legion’s Office of Science and Research and Dr Daniel Kincaid. Dr. Howe and HoweCorp still conducts research and tries to improve upon themselves to insure the safety of all Legion Citizens.

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