Huey demott1

April 1st, 2017 Session

"Your heroes are dead and your goals suck. Thank you, F*** you, bye."

                                                           -Huey DeMott

Huey is one of Sam Kaltenbach's personal characters and current civillian in Moistwater.

Player: Sam Kaltenbach

Gender: Male

Race: Mutant

Age: 20

Occupation: Fruit Gatherer (Former)

Slave Accquisitor (Former)
Family Informant

Family: (Unknown) - Mother (Deceased)

(Unknown) - Father 

Mutations: Green Tinted Skin, Two horns on forehead, Acidic Saliva, Weakened Respiratory and Immune System

Affiliations: Hakʼéí-dóó Gah (Formerly)

The Black Sun / Miscellaneous Slaver Gangs (Formerly)

The Family

Status: Alive

Early YearsEdit

Huey was born within the Hakʼéí-dóó Gah (Commonly refered to as The Rabbit Tribe) under the name Howi. He was born of a tribal mutant mother and a vaulter human father who had married into the family. Growing up, he was taught by his elders to live a pacifist lifestyle, and to be in tune with nature. As he grew up, he became exposed to lifestyles of humans and their use of technology. Upon learning of the advantages of technology, he slowly grew weary of his primitive way of life, but remained trustworthy towards his leaders.

(I'll finish this later. It's 1:30 AM right now.)

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