Description Edit

Name: John J. Revell

Age: 14 Years

Choice of Weapon: Rifle

Armor: Small Vest (0 Point)

Guild: Not Yet Established

Feat: Weapons Expert (1)

Class: Gunslinger

Lives: 5

Story Edit

John Revell is a young boy who had been created from an attempt at repopulation. Born into a cruel area with unforgiving hosts, he snuck out one night when he was only 8 in order to find hope. Sadly though, this never happened. Not long after he ran away, he was attacked by a pack of bandits and lost almost everything he owned, including his eyesight. After this incident he blindly stumbled further hanging on to the little life force left in him. After a month, he happened to find an abandoned cabin which was yet to be looted. In it he found a pair of glasses, weapons, ammunition, food, 7 tabs, and 2 chem-packs. He lived in the cabin with himself for 5 and a half years, struggling to stay sane. What may have saved him from insanity was the same pack of bandits who had once robbed him found his cabin. Luckily, Revell saw them and was prepared. He easily overtook the unsuspecting bandits and saved his life, but for how long? With all the shot fired, he knew that if he stayed there, no doubt tourists would come flocking to his cabin so once again he marched on. He hadn't had much time to prepare and left with a small amount of food, 3 weapons (2 from the bandits, some chem-packs, 15 tabs (8 of which came from the bandits), the glasses he found, ammunition, clothes, a light vest, and what he thought was a map, but ended up being just a picture of a tree. Once he went off, he soon ran out of food and lived off of berries and fruits until after 2 months he found Kazm. Here he was able to settle down and hone his ranged skills in order to one day protect someone from having the same fate as him.

Miscellaneous Edit

Allies: Grim Hunter, John J. Revell

Foes: Bandits

Playstyle: Not Yet Determined

Likes: Experience, Revenge, Power

Dislikes: Bandits, Cowards, Thieves, Close Combat

Fears: Spiders, Heights, Losing, Close Combat

Weakness: Not Skilled At Close Combat, Weakened From Hunger And Eyesight