The Kanili clan was well known for being the largest of the Dine` clans. At it's largest, it had roughly 50 people. After the war with the Chamike, their numbers dropped and stabilized around 30 people at any given time. What makes this clan unique among it's sister tribes is it's system of raising children. Instead of being raised by their parents, Kanili children were raised by the clan as a whole. By the time they are 18, the Elders decide what position the new adult will be best in and they ate officially trained. These positions include things like hunter, warrior, keeper, shaman, trainer, harvester, gatherer, and chief. Up until the whole clan was killed by ghouls in the northern territory, the chief was a mutant named Jerico. His brother, Molotov, is still the current chief of the Kasu, the clan that stays permenantly at the messa.

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