Nomads Edit

Common Names Edit

Bullheads, Oilers

Location Edit

Coastal currents along the Pacific Coastline, but they have been seen across cold Northern waters from Scandinavia to Japan

Notes Edit

Excerpt from official report by Agent Valentine of the Maelstrom Society:
A common sight in the irradiated sea, Nomads are large predators that move with a surprising pace through the rough waves. The arc and dance over the waves with a graceful wit, splashing and playing as they follow whaling ships, trawlers, and schools of prey fish. Combined with pod tactics, they are effective hunters.

Brutish in pursuit, Nomads ram their prey to stun and shock the poor creature. The impact is magnified by the incredibly thick frontal skull (FIGURE 1). This skull not only protects the Nomad brain, but helps to amplify their echolocation that allows them to track in low light or murky conditions. Little stands out about the Nomad aside from the presence of both baleen filters (Figure 2C) and sharp teeth (Figure 2B), effective allowing the Nomad to eat anything smaller than it.

The belly is a light blue and shifts to a spotted dark-blue-on-gray pattern. The muscular body produces a plentiful amount of oil for each pound of meat, making Nomads a common target for whalers.

Behavior Edit

Operating like wolves of the sea, Nomads wander the seas in social pods, stalking prey from the Arctic ices to equatorial waters. Tracking prey consists primarily of breaching where the Nomads will launch vertical from the water to see around them and gain information on prey potentially at the water’s edge. They normally ram prey to disorient it before setting upon it with an almost sadistic fashion. They toy with prey, slapping it with powerful tails and tossing it like a ball before finally engulfing it and disappearing into the deep.

Soically, the pods form into a hierarchy that follows an Alpha. The Alpha breeds with all members of the opposite sex in the pod. Young are cared for until they mature, after which they depart to seek out a new pod or form their own.

Diet Edit

The baleen filters prove they filter plankton from the water, but observation and the presence of sharp teeth support a more active predation. They have been confirmed to prey on misc. Fish, young Cruisers, Stone Seals, and even Mariners and Green Giants.

Some cases of human predation have been reported, more info is needed to gather whether this is intentional or mistaken identify.

Predators Edit

Leviathans, Cruisers, and even shallow Wretches will take a chance at picking off the weak or old from a pod.

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