May 26th, 2015 Edit


Shields - Must be made of plastic, foam, metal wood, or multiple layers of cardboard. If it is made of metal or wood, all of the edges must be covered with at least an inch of foam.


1 hit point: One half of an inch of padding or more Thinner plastics such as some sports equipment Soft leather (not material, as in jackets) Light rubber

2 hit points:  Heavier sports equipment, such as football pads with hard materials Thick, hardened plastics Hardened leather Wood Bullet proof vests Chainmail

3 hit points: Tire Plate Metal Flak Jackets

Armor must cover 50% of the torso to count as armor

Any armor that covers 80%-100% of the torso will recieve an additional point of armor, maxing out at 3 hit points.

Also, all current rules involving limb armor are still in place. The only difference is now your limb armor must be made out of one of the above mentioned materials. All limb armor is still invincible though and the material used will not change that.


Tabs, Darts, and Chems left anywhere other than on your person must be in a container marked "FALL OF MAN LOOT". Any container marked "FALL OF MAN LOOT" is 100% lootable. The container can be hidden as long as it is not hidden inside OOC personal effects or weapons.


Every player will be given 5 lives that span the entire existence of your character (they don't reset after each session). When you're downed and your 5 minute KO timer runs out without being healed you will lose 1 life. When your character has lost all 5 lives they will be considered permanently dead and will not be able to be played any more. You do not lose a life if you are fully revived by a medic, or use a Stimpack within you timer. Lives CANNOT be lost during open sessions as they are not cannon.


No alcohol at sessions. We understand we have legally aged players, but we cannot regulate who has it and who is partaking in it and in the words of Chris "we don't wanna be held responsible for a drunk fourteen-year-old tripping down a rocky hill". I'm sure everyone can go 4 or 5 hours without drinking.

January 28th, 2015 Edit

Changes: -We're returning to 1 base HP. An unarmored human/mutant is KOed when hit. Ghouls, again, have 2 base HP.

-Stealth KOs can only be made with blades.

-24 dart limit.

-We are continuing to use the respawn at camp, allied camp, or central point system.

(Please verbally call your hits! Please recognize when someone calls a hit and take it, even if you don't think they did hit!)