Rad-Vac - The radiation treatment known as Rad-Vac is mixture of  potassium iodide and a protein called granulocyte colony-stimulating factor, which promotes the growth of white blood cells. Rad-Vac was originally developed by Dr Edward Howe who disseminated the formula to other vaults. The mass production of Rad-Vac is now handled by a joint effort from the Legion’s Office of Science and Research and Dr Howe’s company HoweCorp. While home brewed versions do exist, but with limited scientific capabilities effectiveness of moonshined Rad-Vac is often subpar. For that reason the production of Rad-Vac by anyone outside the Legion is illegal. But as RacVac is the most valuable commodity in  areas outside the Legion’s control the production of Rad-Vac is still a common occurrence.

Rad-Vac - Blue - [Radiation Vaccine] Heals radiation sickness. Humans consider this one of the most valuable materials in the wasteland. Makes your mouth taste fuzzy for a little bit.

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