Red Giants Edit

Common Names: Edit

=== Red Menace, Bladed Maw

All major oceans and seas, close to the surface.

Physical Description: Edit

Size/Weight: 15-40ft wide, 15-150 ft long, 5-15 ft high; Tons

Red Giants are incredibly similar to Green Giants, aside from the  bright red coloration and orange bioluminescence. Like their green cousins, Red Giants are massive, self-propelling colones of zooplankton. Variations in shape are common, but normally, it seems to trend towards the form shown. They regrowth ability common to the Green Giants is present, but in a drastically reduced rate for Red Giants.

As one observes the Red Giant, the most notable element is the impressive “Mouth”. Upper and lower jaws formed from tiered, calcified cells (Figure 1), act as the leading edge. Along the inside of the “jaws” are clusters of reciprocating blades (Figure 2) that grind up chunks of flesh forced into the maw. Flanking the jaws are several sets of bladed mandibles (Figure 3) that extend to help cut through prey items trapped in the jaws.

Moving back along the body, a ring of eyestalks allows for almost a full sphere of low-definition, photosensitive vision. The eyestalks glow a faint orange similar to the clusters of glowing pounches located along the body, fins, and jaws of the Red Giants. The Giants have a surprising turn radius due to the numerous fins that ring the body (Figure 5)

Behavior: In an almost bipolar manner, Red Giants drift without expending any major amount of energy until prey is detected. Once a prey item is acquired, the Giant will charge, gnashing wildly with little self preservation. If attacked, they will fight until the organism is torn asunder and left to heal. This has led to many damaged ships limping home after accidently sailing over a slumbering Giant.

=== Diet:
Anything. Literally any living organism that gets in their way.

Predators: === Anything that has teeth and courage.

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