(A place for anyone to say any rumor they've heard about anyone's character [just plain hurtful or mean spirited comments will be removed])

The Children of Father Night Edit

Eat babies. Prefer them medium rare to rare.

-Rumor confirmed by every Child of Father Night ever asked.

The Messenger Edit

Eat babies.

The Renegades Edit

The most recent group in Greyfell to be accused of eating babies. SOME members have been denying but give no hard evidence that they or the others do not.

The Family Edit

Eat babies.

-Reaper denies he has ever eaten a baby, confirms dining on human adults during the winter months.

Logan's Roughnecks Edit

May or may not contain members who partake in the consumption of babies.

137th Scout Regiment Edit

Eats babies only if they are prepared correctly using proper spices for the cooking of infants. Special buy from Zulu, real cheap.

Zulu Edit

Loves babies and would never eat them. Sells baby cooking spice, however.

Killed everyone in his former guild, E.Z. , and that is how he has acquired 100+ tabs so quickly.

Spyrers Edit

There are quiet, but persistent rumors among some of the more traveled Nomads that there exist, somewhere on the continent, at least one place where humanity not only survived, but maintained it's old way of life. Not only, so the rumors go, did these people keep pre-Fall technology and education, but they have expanded knowledge in such a way that the Fall hasn't even hindered it. The rumors, for those who believe them, state that these were rich men who paid exorbitant sums to maintain armored and self sealed high rises, protected by automated defenses and professional security forces. While most view the entirety of these tales as mere stories, some of the darker versions say that some of the young men and women of these "Gilded Spires" sometimes make sport of hunting those who are forced to survive in the barren wastelands that form the rest of the continent (and world). With their advanced technology and potent information, combined with refined tactics from generations of "slumming" these would be potent and terrifying adversaries to face.

Dean Edit

Has confirmed over 300 tabs after fleeing from the Misfits, and will never carry them on his person.

Would probably eat a baby for a few tabs.

Smells like a babbling brook with a hint of lemon.