Serum- The basis for Serum came from the observation of a particular elongated DNA strand in those infected with Febris BioSolutions’  KJV-J1144 virus that caused regenerative properties in the host. Initially, scientists would utilize a solution of the blood of a subject infected with the KJV-J1144 virus as a form of fast acting, but short lived, injectable regeneration. Over the years, as more vaults opened and more technology was recovered, it was discovered that they could artificially elongate the particular DNA strand within a lab cloned stem-cell. This breakthrough by scientists at  Febris BioSolutions, led to what we now know as Serum. In early testing of Serum there was accidental transformation of the patient into a ghoul like state but since the creation and use of the artificial DNA strand there have been no official or recorded reports of negative side effects with the use of Serum. Manufactured in Febris run labs in Arch City and Legion run labs in Detroit with the surprisingly prevalent medical technology of cloning augmented stem-cells, Serum forces a form of regenerative mutation to briefly override the host body's normal cellular function. Wounds knit closed and whole body parts regrow in seconds before the effects of Serum runs its course.

Serum - Green - [Heal] Fully restores all limbs, and gives the affected player one (1) HP. Serum can be used while KO’d. Leaves the player with an adrenaline rush.

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