Techi Saguaro Edit

Common Names: Edit

Wacky Cacti, Mind-Number, Desert Tripper

Description and Life: Edit


Techi Saguaros are tall, slender plants growing to an average height of approx. 20 feet. The main shaft is approximately 2 feet in diameter. The thick exterior of the Techi is an oily, drab olive that is lined by long creases that swell to store extra water during heavy rains. Several arms are capable of sprouting from the main shaft, but they grow at an incredibly slow rate.

The saguaros are known to bud occasionally in wide, bright, multicolored flowers. The flowers are dangerous to touch due to razor sharp petals lined with hydrophilic hairs that aggressively draw in water. As these flowers pollinate, they grow to form spherical fruit coated in long, wisping fibers that catch the wind. Upon peeling these hairs away, a thick rind encapsulates dark red-black meat.

Across the long trunk, the creased folds are lined with numerous clusters of three-inch spines capable of piercing most hides. Coating the spines is a strong defensive hallucinogen.

Effect of venom: Edit

The potent venom is highly concentrated on both the Techi spines and in their seeds.Thankfully, the seeds are hardly enough to survive most digestive tracts with little harm to the creature. However, crushing raw seeds or being pricked by the spines will administer a strong enough dose.

Standard symptoms start off with humorous delusions that can range in scope as well as euphoric ecstasy. Following several hours of this high, the victim will suffer mind-crushing nightmares, migraines, diarrhea, nausea, possible paralysis, severe dilation of pores and sores.

Dancing cactus

If you're seeing this, it's already too late.

Location: Edit

Techi are spread across the wastes Southwest of Greyfell. The heaviest concentration is just South of the Dead Zone. This is due in part to radioactive drifts from the Dead Zone.

Testimony from the Injected: Edit

"We were somewhere outside Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the venom began to take hold." -H.S. Thompson