Basic Edit

Motto: “For the safety of our citizens and our land”

Location: New Washington

Department Head: General Michael Cartright

Basic Duties: The security and defense of the Core of the Legion. DNS officers are military police, and both defend the border of the Legion, and defend citizen’s homes from being ransacked. A task force within this department, known as Shock Troopers based on the amount of concussion taking place around and to them, deals with terrorist and anti-national movements that are created to harm the Legion and its constituents.

Background Edit

With the rapid expansion of the Legion, the idea of a standing army became to terrify the small towns that were being held under the Legion's control. At the same time, the Legion found itself unable to hold garrisons of troops in small towns. The solution was to absorb members of the public into the Legion, and instate them as town police garrisons.

When the process began, the Legion encountered a problem with township moral. Places with self policed garrisons were not receiving the attention and training the needed to protect their towns. Star appointed the young Michael Cartright to making sure these townships got the training they needed.

After spending years doing the job, and being extremely successful in organizing all the township Legion police departments, Star created the Department of Security, who's job was to ensure the Legion's protectorates were safe.

Cartright got a promotion and his own department with the formation of the National Republic.

Important Information Edit

Important Figures Edit

General Michael Cartright - Head of the Department

Sierra - Commander of the 1st squadron (No name for her, or her unit, is recorded)

Major Johnathan Hackwood - Head of Anti-Terrorism

Lieutenant Colonel Megan Rhetter - Head of Core Defense

Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Moriar - Head of Commons Defense

Major Valik Versai - Head of Colonial Defense

Resources Edit

+2,500 Light Recon Vehicles (Police Make)

+3,000 Light Patrol Vehicle (Police Make)

+250 Police Helicopters

Over 1,000,000 Officers

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