Basic Edit

Motto: “Bettering Humanity, Bettering Tomorrow”

Location: Sierra Complex

Department Head: Dr. Kato Josten

Basic Duties: This branch is very classified. Once you join the OSR, you are bound for life. Divisions work on everything from pre-war technology, creating new technology, and even chasing old myths of scientific marvels. Working in the OSR is extremely dangerous, and people are often moved around the divisions because another scientist showed them up. The OSR doesn’t mingle well with other branches, and when they do, there is usually an ulterior motive to advance their research.

Background Edit

Before the expansion of the capitol city, the Science Department within Echo 1 was known for it's shifty operations. Scientists from the Science wing were avoided and eyed.

When the Legion grew beyond the borders of one city, The OSR sought for its own place in the world. Although the position of the OSR headquarters changes frequently, it is always called the Sierra Complex, while the old complex is completely demolished.

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