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Name, Titles, And Base Info Edit

Titles: The Raven Mocker, Warden of Twilight, Harbinger of The Night, Two-Soul, etc.

Actual Name: Ruven Von Regulus

Gender: Male

Race: Mutant

Mutation: Knowledge Vampirism, Enhanced Empathic Senses

Faction: The Children of Father Night

Unique Gear: Thorn of Night, Eclipse Shield, Larua Nox.

Origins Edit

Born in the frozen north to the tribes of The Children of Father Night, The Raven lived out his childhood training for his ascendance into the Claws. At the age of 12, he joined in his first Crusade of Night as a member of The Timber Wolves Claw. Following the destruction of The Timber Wolves nearly a decade later, The Raven was sent on a solo campaign to explore the unknown south lands.

With a decade of conquest under his belt, The Raven set out to impress The Council of Night, killing his way to the first sizable settlement he could find. Killing and eating a member of the late EZ-Squad, The Raven became intimately familiar with the land of Greyfell.

With a campaign of terror assigned to him, The Raven began his plans for the ruination of the followers of The False Light and the subjugation of the local populace.

Two-Soul Edit

Whether as a result of his unique mutation, or some other unknown means, The Raven Mocker's mind harbors a second entity that he refers to only as The Voice, or as his other half. This other entity struggles for control of the shared body on a daily basis, and is held in check through a combination of force of will and a fume based medicine created by tribal shamans. The other entity's personality stands at odds with The Raven's. Where The Raven is calm and calculating, the other entity is temperamental and crude. Where The Raven seeks fear as an end, the other entity seeks only bloodshed as an end. Despite their differences, the two halves have grown accustomed to one another and have formed a symbiotic relationship with each other.

Banishment Edit

Having been found guilty of involvement with potential False Light worshippers, the Ravenmocker was deemed a traitor to the Claws and his bloodline. His punishment was banishment with the Forsaken Claws to the Yeti Plans to slay the great aurora beast Ursa Major. After sustaining heavy casualties pacifying the arctic ghoul tribe of Winter's Wrath, Ruven and the Forsaken Claws made contact with the Ursa Major. The Claws did not report back to the Eyes of Night upon the scheduled return date. Status for Ruven and the Forsaken Claws known as the Star Killers is currently unknown.

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