Bio Edit

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Titles: The Revenant, Prophet of The Void, Twice-Lived

Actual Name: Unknown

Gender: Male

Race: Mutant

Mutations: Knowledge Vampirism, Enhanced Empathic Senses

Faction: The Children of Father Night

Unique Wargear: Shroud of Shadows, Eclipse Shield, The Oculus Abyssi

Origins Edit

Even among the mysterious and secretive members of the Children of Father Night, not much is known about The Revenant. He was discovered by Sun Worshippers in the forgotten parts of the world, imprisoned, and subsequently broke out. He wasted no time in making his way to Greyfell, following the unknowable hidden agenda of his patron god The Void. Since his departure, he's opted for night black robes and a environment sealed mask that he refuses to remove in public. As a direct result of this no one, not even his fellow Vylas of Greyfell, knows what form actually lies in wait beneath the tattered robes. Nor do they know what thoughts lurk behind the black, emotionless mask known simply as the Oculus Abyssi.

His activity within Greyfell has been curiously docile. Choosing to watch the world play out before him without actually interfering unless absolutely necessary. The one cold eye of the Oculus Abyssi stares from afar at townsfolk and passersby as The Revenant silently observes and catalogues every single event within Greyfell. What his intentions are, no one can say for certain. But with a forgotten radlock at his hip, and an impassive mask upon his face, the Revenant continues to drift about Greyfell's shadows. Always at the periphery of the townsfolk's vision, but always gone when they turn to look.

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