I should be writing a paper right now, but I'm just trying to warm up. I want to write a little something about creating characters and back story. You want to take whatever inspiration throws at you. It can, and should be a collobrative process. The best thing to happen to you is to have people that you can throw random stuff at. 

The Kasri Clan started out as an idea, but that idea started with a broken Nerf Strongarm. This blaster doesn't always catch when you pull it back to prime it. I had it fixed by my friend Corey, and he told me that after slamfiring it for a little bit, well it would stop catching. He said in order to fix it he hit the very back of it against the wall. 

Well the first time I had to do this, I got the idea for a mutant, he didn't have a name at the time, but the gun did. It's name was Spaz. At the same time our beautiful lore mod Sabrina posted some pointers on role playing. I was sitting on the idea of Spaz and his owner when I saw the point on how it would be more likely to be a part of a happy living and even loving family.

This is when the insanity began. I decided I wanted to create a family. I wanted to have 12 siblings, but the idea of having all 11 siblings was absurd. So I approached my friend Garrett who liked the idea, and then I approached my buddy Ben. Well things got crazy! We currently have 8 characters in various stages of development, and have 4 people waiting on stand by to create their characters! The insanity! 
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The clan so far.

The moral of the story is, don't let your inspiration die in a corner. Take colloboration. Take the ideas to your friends, and you will be surprised by what you can create. 

There will be more insight into the creation process of the Kasri Clan and their lore in my next blog. Till then stay swift motorbabies, and remember sleep with one eye open, because The Sheriff is probably standing over your bed watching you sleep. 


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