The biggest factor that has gone into creating the Kasri Clan is this, collaboration. Collaboration is the most important aspect of this process. Without the many different members this thing would not be what it is becoming today. 

The Family Tree of the Kasri
Degger Vul-Thar (D)
9 generations
Drek-Vul (D) Zoriah
Metkras (D) Desi-Rah Dormak-Vul (D) Zaela (D)
OOC: Devin Desyc B. 2276 Detritus-Thar B. 2277 OOC: Garrett
OOC: Shane Dustrakus B. 2287
OOC: Caitlin Delilah

B. 2288

OOC:  B. 2289
OOC: Dee B. 2291
OOC: Zac


B. 2294
OOC: Rain Dylan Marie B. 2298
OOC: Brooke Drusilla B. 2299
OOC: Ben D'clot B. 2300 The Ghoul Born
B. 2301
B. 2302

The diagram above shows the Kasri family. There are 12 children (at the time of this writing.) Looking at this, each one of the names with a birth year by it are actually people. This is how you make something great, and the moderators really get that. It takes a village to create a LARP.

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